10 tips for being best at what you do

There are of course plenty of tips out there on how to be at best of what you do, but certainly the ones that everyone can immediately apply in his or her life are rare. So, here I decided to collect the habits of successful people in the form of 10 tips that you can see the benefits of its application in your life as soon as you implement them.

1. The successful people take the full responsibility of the consequences of their actions.

They don't blame anyone or anything for what happens in their life. They know that there is just one person in their life responsible and that person is their self. They don't make any excuses and if they receive the results that they don't like they change their actions and steer them to get the results they want. They simply don't wait and watch what happen to them, they create the results by taking necessary actions.

2. The successful people never stop learning.

Learning is the basis and inseparable part of every successful person's life. The ambitious people keep learning new things on daily basis and are never satisfy with their current knowledge. They try on every occasion to challenge their limits to extend their knowledge. They truly believe that the wise man knows he knows nothing.

3. Successful people build and maintain the right network.

Successful people know that they can not do it all. They are constantly searching to get around right people and create a right network. Building a right network requires a persistent goal: it should be built based on a long-term wi-win give and take relationships. Moreover, solid networking should be stablished and maintained based on trust and credibility. To keep the relationship going, one should use every occasion to show his/her networks, they are valuable and she/he is ready to continue a strong and solid relationship.

4. Successful people read like crazy.

The reason behind reading a lot is that reading crates thinking and thinking is the backbone to make less impulse decisions. Best business leaders such as Bill Gates or Warren Buffet spend most of their day time to read and think, something extraordinary that with that huge amount of wealth less people would do. They truly believe that "leaders are readers".

5. Successful people get up early.

This goes hand in hand with productivity. Most successful people use the early hours of the day to read, think, plan and take action uninterruptedly. They create morning routines such as exercising or mediation that help them increase their productivity.

6. Success comes from humility.

Almost all great leaders who have changed the world in one way or another have one trait: They are humble. They are ambitious but at the same time they have low self-regard. They don't seek recognition without doing the good deeds however they are driven to excel in their field without any desire to be celebrated or congratulated.

7. The fidelity is the foundation of being best at what you do.

Faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief which demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support creates trust and trust brings security and confidence into you and creates benefits for you ad for people around you.

8. Success requires patience.

Being patience is regarded truly as a virtue because it enables you to control your actions by avoiding rash decisions. Being patience is a by product of mindfulness. It is when you are present in the moment and act calmly by considering all the aspect of what you are doing. Then, what would you expect to do when you are at that state? Your best performance.

9. Being best needs integrity.

Integrity is an important trait that anyone can have, because if you are honest and reliable then you moralize your environment and influence others around you to act alike. Integrity causes you to take full responsibility for your actions, speak honestly and express your feelings openly.

10. All you need is the Golden Rule.

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. One might say that it means the actions that you would do for some one as you do it for yourself. However, the true meaning of this saying is more than that. The greater meaning is that understand people as individuals, the way that you would want to be understood. Or in other words, treat people all the same by treating them differently. If you do so, you'll be doing your best, because all you want for you is the best of the best.


Dr. Mohammad Rezaei

Mohammad is a passionate, creative and inspirational explorer who brings excitement, focus and leadership to open-minded, engaged and curious audiences.