10 tips for exceptional leadership

If you are seeking an empirically-grounded, systematic approach to understanding leadership, then these tips are reliefs for you.

  1. Exceptional leaders can come from dramatically diverse backgrounds. Wealth, access to education, parental support and connections can not advance a person to be a great leader. The contrast background and growing up conditions of Abraham Lincoln and Theodor Roosevelt prove this claim.
  2. Exceptional leaders can have dramatically different physical, mental and behavioural characteristics.
  3. Exceptional leaders can have dramatically different strengths and flaws. They are undeniably smart, but also undeniably human, with strengths that are exceptional but not supernatural, and with flaws as well.
  4. Despite these differences, exceptional leaders have one common crucial attributes: They are all ambitious.
  5. Exceptional leaders all have a higher purpose. The devote their strengths and ambition to a higher purpose.
  6. Exceptional leaders know that the only certainty on the path to leadership is uncertainty. They understand the path to success is not linear and it has many twists and turns with many obstacles.
  7. Exceptional leaders are conscious. They are completely present and committed, listening attentively to those around them, instead of regarding their colleagues as rivals or, even worse, as opponents.
  8. Exceptional leaders take full responsibility for every aspects of their lives. When things go south, they don't blame others or the circumstances. They hold themselves accountable for everything they do. They understand their actions have consequences and they see every character-building experience as a learning opportunity.
  9. Exceptional leaders avoid gossips. They know gossip is toxic and it prevent employees to build trust and hinders the creative energy. Therefore, they communicate openly and honestly with people.
  10. Exceptional leaders find security, control and approval internally rather than seeking it unhealthy from outside world. They know they acknowledge and appreciate having these existing qualities.

Dr. Mohammad Rezaei

Mohammad is a passionate, creative and inspirational explorer who brings excitement, focus and leadership to open-minded, engaged and curious audiences.