10 tips for success

Success is all about attitude. It is the attitude that defines the altitude. You’ve likely heard about the advantages of positive thinking, however there’s more to it than that. Leading a happy, fulfilled life is about learning to think collaboratively without being selfish. It’s about offering what you can do for and with others rather than plainly trying to get ahead yourself. That means opening your mind to creativity to come to innovative ideas. As soon as you start doing that, you’ll be mentally prepared for success.

Additionally, there are plenty of great examples out there about people who have succeed in every aspect of their lives. We can name many such as John D. Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, and the list goes on. Assessing the personal and professional lives of these people can truly define success and shortcuts to achieve success. Here are their Top Ten Tips:

  1. Define SMART goals based on your passions.
  2. Break down your goals to actions.
  3. Study the successful people in the subject.
  4. Picture your prosperity and be positive.
  5. When you don't get what you want, change your actions.
  6. Don't quit.
  7. Learn new things.
  8. Challenge yourself.
  9. Establish commitment by making habits of what you need to do.
  10. Make the journey fun.

"Big goals and big dreams inspire our creativity. The bigger they are, the bigger your success."

-Tony Robbins, Life coach and business strategist, author and entrepreneur

Dr. Mohammad Rezaei

Mohammad is a passionate, creative and inspirational explorer who brings excitement, focus and leadership to open-minded, engaged and curious audiences.